Living Abroad During Covid-19

Living Abroad During Covid-19

I’ve been living in England for just over a year now-hard to believe! Living with my boyfriend and our new puppy, Ellie, has been such a joy! I was about to get a U.K. driving license so I could drive our new car and stop relying on trains! I had flights booked to the US so I could see my parents!Life was going so well, and then Covid-19 decided to show up.

The three of us! ❤️

While at work in January, my colleague was on break with me and she was reading the newspaper. She knows like everything that’s going on in the world, I swear! Haha She asked if I had heard about the strange new virus going around China that came from bats. I told her I hadn’t. I assumed they would have gotten it under control quickly, nothing to worry about-we have so much technology in the world! Haha

I remember a couple of weeks later, the first case popped up in the U.K.! It was in the Yorkshire area! That’s when it started feeling real to me. It was scary. Over the next few weeks, I could see the numbers rising all around me-we were trapped.

My boyfriend, Chris, worked his last day in the office. He’s been home for two months now and he has no idea when he will be working in an office again. Will people even be working in offices in the future? I’ll admit, I do enjoy him working from home because he is like the best cook and he’s always making something awesome hahaha😂😂. Since he doesn’t have to go to the office in London, he is saving so much on train tickets!

I’m really lucky to be working for the NHS. My hospital has been giving free taxis for staff that have issues getting to and from work-it has been such a blessing! In the past I would take a train and then a bus to work. They’ve really reduced the train and bus services. My train is hourly now, instead of 3 times an hour to Cambridge! We’ve also been given free hot meals at work!

He made a Lotus Biscoff cheesecake 😍❤️

We had plans of going to the US to see my family, but unfortunately we’ve had to refund our tickets. Chris isn’t even allowed into the US because he’s British and I would be risking getting and spreading Covid to my loved ones-that’s not a present they would want haha. Luckily, I was able to see my family right before Christmas, so it wasn’t that long ago. Chris hasn’t seen my family since last summer! It has been so hard not knowing when I’ll be able to go home next. The U.K. seems to be reopening slowly and the U.S. varies depending on what state you’re from! I know I’ll see them eventually though. Such strange times we’re living in. The world is like completely shut down. Never in a million years would I have thought something like this would happen.

It’s easy to get down about everything going on, I try to look at the positives of this lockdown. I’m such a homebody! I love canceled plans and staying at home. It’s not that I hate going out and seeing people, but I do love cuddling up with my dog and Netflixing with a cup of tea. 😂😂We’ve been watching so much Hell’s Kitchen 😂😂😂. I’ve been able to read so many books and catch up with family on video chats! We’ve been doing a lot of video chat quizzes with friends! Some weekends we have so many video chats, that actually feel like we’ve had a busy week!!😂😂

Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen 😂😂
We Are Dog Parents!!- The Things I’ve Learned Already

We Are Dog Parents!!- The Things I’ve Learned Already

Chris and I are finally dog parents!! We have had Ellie for just over a month now and we have learned so much from being dog parents. We don’t have human kids, but it sort of feels like we do, honestly haha.


I’ve been in the UK for just over a year now and was really missing my American Bulldog, Reese, so much. She lives with my mom in the US, so it has been so hard not seeing her. I’ve also had a dog around my entire life, so part of me felt empty inside. We decided to get a French Bulldog puppy- we love their personalities and the perfect size for the type of home we live in.

We found a French Bulldog ad online and got to see the puppies. We fell in love with Ellie straight away, but had to wait two weeks to bring her home. I remember our first evening with her, it seemed rather daunting haha. This tiny little dog in our home- depending on us for everything she could ever need haha. In the past, our parents had always done the training and feeding- now we were in charge of that. What if she was a little terror that never learned haha

The First Few Nights With Our Puppy

During our first night, Ellie slept downstairs in her crate with a pad. We live in a semi-detached (duplex) home, so we have neighbors all around, so we slept in the living room to keep her quiet that first night. She woke up at 5 am and howled. Chris and I were so exhausted haha. The next night we tried to sneak away after putting her in the crate, but she started to howl, so we gave in and slept downstairs haha. The nights following, she slept in her crate and maybe howled for a couple of minutes. She is now three months old and sleeps in a playpen and sleeps straight away. We have a pet camera, I really recommend one! If we wake up in the night, we can casually see if she’s awake or howling– it does hurt to see them cry, but good to see if they’re adjusting with being away from you. You can also talk to them from the camera/hear them! We got ours on Amazon- we didn’t realize how how affordable they can be!


We are now able to take her for walks!! Ellie LOVES people and dogs. She will stop whenever she sees someone on the path, even if they aren’t interested. She gets really sad when joggers don’t stop for her haha. Kids, oh my gosh, she LOVES kids and kids really love her too. She gets them giggling until it’s full on belly laughing. I have never had a dog that just wants to meet everyone. Giant dogs approach her at the park and she gladly plays with them haha. It is great to have such a chill dog. It is so important to start them young with socializing- it can do wonders for you and your dog. Our local vet sends out letters for a montly puppy socialization evening. We will take Ellie at some point for sure!

Pet Insurance in the UK

I’m from the US and hadn’t heard of getting pet insurance until I moved to England. I’ve learned that it can be really costly- especially if you have more expensive breed! You can pay monthly or a year at once. The vet said if Ellie were to break a leg- we could be spending thousands. Needless to say, we are reading up on our options haha.

They Have So Much Love to Give

We want them to grow up so fast, so they stop biting and are potting trained, but they will get there in the end. Some days it might seem like you are taking two steps forward and fifteen steps back haha. Just be patient. Each dog is different and they’re trying their hardest. They love you and look forward to seeing you each day. Enjoy your time with your new buddy.